PP Is The Only Alternative Before The Governments Of The Left

The president of the PP Aragón, Luis María Beamonte, has affirmed this Thursday that his party is “the only alternative” before the governments of the left, which are “exhausted and in decomposition”.

He has demanded the Government of Aragon “to get out of that entrenchment in which it is in the offices; to touch reality, to put economic measures and economic stimulus on the table that are necessary, which are essential to get ahead.”

The popular leader has criticized “the lack of management and the negative effects of the continuous internal crises of the Executives chaired by the PSOE, both in Aragon and in Spain, on the citizenry.”

Beamonte has attended the media during the tour of several towns in the Ribera Baja, where he has traveled together with the provincial president of the PP, Ramón Celma. From the autonomous highway A-221, whose bridge remains cut off, he has asked for “a quick solution” for the connection between points such as Quinto and Sástago, a “fundamental axis for all the municipalities of the Ribera Baja”, as well as the doubling.

“The residents of La Ribera have the same problems as six years ago and many more and before that the passivity of the Government of Aragon is inconceivable,” he said.

In the current crisis situation, with rising inflation, the rise in fuels and multiple negative repercussions on families and companies, the president of the regional PP has regretted that the central government wants to “propose a repeal of important matters of the labor reform , which has made it possible to maintain the ERTE for many workers and support family economies throughout this time. ”

“We see a Government of Spain absolutely entrenched in the offices, discussing among themselves what is done and not done, and meanwhile the economy deteriorates,” he declared: “Situations of this type that only deteriorate what it is the recovery process in our country. ”

This lack of management and useful decisions for citizens affects Spain and also our Autonomous Community, which is going to grow below the national average. “We continue to say the same as when we were above the national average: the national average is a disaster at the moment and therefore, we have to take positive action,” said the president of PP Aragón.

Spending ceiling
“What is important is that there is a government that knows how to adopt the necessary measures so that good decisions are implemented and have a positive effect for all citizens.”

Regarding the recent approval of the spending ceiling in the Community, Beamonte has alluded, beyond the “great phrases that remain in that exclusively”, to the budget execution, which is where the quadripartite has “a big problem”.

“We have 337 million in investments for this year 2021. With the closing that took place in the first eight months, 9.9% have been executed: 37 million euros more or less. We have 200 million euros pending to assign to the groups , to the strategic sectors that have been affected by the pandemic and nothing has yet been distributed, “said the president of the popular Aragonese:” This is the reality of management; it is not only about making decisions, but about knowing run them. ”

Beamonte has accused the Government of Lambán of being “absolutely worried” by clashes and crisis of parties in front of a neglected Aragon and without answers. “We had a crisis for the presidency of the Cortes; we had another crisis recently for a Podemos seat; now we have a crisis in another of the parties that make up the quadripartite,” he recalled.

“I believe that it is time for Mr. Lambán to realize a reality that we have demanded of him for a long time, that a rapid change in the configuration of his Government is necessary so that it sets a different rhythm from the one that is currently is dialing “.

In this context, Luis María Beamonte has remarked that “the legitimate aspiration and the only alternative is the PP”, determined to “try to win and govern.” “The electorate belongs to nobody: citizens are free and with their vote they decide to reward or punish depending on what has been done.

I hope it is the PP, because it is the only possible alternative at the moment, the one that brings together the majority of the confidence of the Aragonese and we can form an alternative government to what is already being an exhausted government, absolutely exhausted, presided over by Mr. Lambán, “he concluded.

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