Viscofan Breaks Records And Makes The Highest Quarterly Profit In Its History

Viscofan earned 99.8 million euros between January and September, 13.5% more than in the same period of the previous year. Of these gains, 35.6 million correspond to the months of July, August and September, which represents an increase of 16.7%, according to data collected by the CNMV.

Turnover registered a new quarterly historical maximum with a growth of 9.2% compared to the same period of the previous year after reaching 245.6 million euros. “We have achieved the highest quarterly revenue figure in our history – and one of the highest in terms of net income – combining service capacity with commercial discipline and production efficiency in a context of a stressed global supply chain and pressure on energy costs” , celebrates José Domingo de Ampuero y Osma, president of the Viscofan Group:

“This achievement is mainly due to the increase in casing volumes in all product families, supported by the improvement in the sales price mix and by the evolution of currencies in the quarter,” the company explained in a statement.

Of the revenue growth, about 9 percentage points correspond to comparable sales of casings, 0.6 points to higher comparable sales of cogeneration, compared to the decrease of -3.5 points due to the variation in exchange rates. In comparable terms, revenues in the accumulated of the year grew 9.2% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Regarding the ebitda (gross operating result) in the accumulated of the year it amounts to 185.5 million euros, 9.8% more than in 2020, while between July and September the figure is close to 64.1 million , 9.2%. “The strength of this growth is mainly due to the growth in volumes, commercial discipline, productive efficiencies and operating leverage achieved that offset the cost inflation observed in the quarter,” they detail in the statement.

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